What is Housing Trends eNewsletter?

 Housing Trends eNewsletter is a Real Estate Lead Generation & Client Retention marketing tool for agents to share with clients and prospects via email, websites, blogs, email signature and social media sites. 

 In 2010, the National Association of REALTORS® selected Housing Trends eNewsletter as a “Right Tool, Right Now” technology tool for REALTORS®.

Why was Housing Trends eNewsletter created for the real estate industry?

 For today’s real estate professionals to engage buyers and sellers and become the consumers’ trusted advisor, the profession needs to provide the consumer with the information they are seeking. Consumers want numbers! 

 Housing Trends eNewsletter is filled with the most current and accurate housing data, statistics, and much more, such as:

1. Local and national real estate sales and price activity provided by MLSs and the National Association of REALTORS®
2. U.S. Census Bureau key market indicators
3. National real estate market press releases and articles
4. Housing market video reports
5. Consumer how-to videos
6. Blog posts
7. Real estate glossary
8. Maps
9. Mortgage rates & calculator
10. Local Community Reports
11. Consumer articles
12. Real Estate Today Radio

Why have over 52,000 real estate professionals signed up for Housing Trends eNewsletter?

Housing Trends eNewsletter guarantees the agent becomes the source for information consumers are seeking and:
1. Is customized and branded to agents with their photo and contact information
2. Generates “What’s the Value of Your Home” requests to agents
3. Empowers real estate professionals to retain clients
4. Increases referrals to agents
5. Demonstrates agents market expertise
6. Saves agent time and money
7. Drives consumers to agents’ websites
8. Promotes agents’ listings

Who does Housing Trends eNewsletter target?

 Housing Trends eNewsletter targets both real estate professionals and real estate consumers. The eNewsletter is prepared monthly and emailed directly to each individual agent. This email contains advertisements targeting the real estate professional.

 Real estate professional emails their personalized Housing Trends eNewsletter to their buying and selling consumers and prospects.

What is the home buying and selling consumer who is receiving Housing Trends eNewsletter saying?

“ When I perused the Housing Trends eNewsletter, it simply blew me away! The ability to be able to access the breadth of data provided in the eNewsletter, whether national, regional, state, local or subdivision is incredible! I can access all of the information that is provided in one newsletter is great. The amount of time and/or expense I would have to incur to find this housing information would be prohibitive. I feel totally empowered to now make informed decisions affecting my housing and business future.”
Enoch Elliot, Consumer, San Antonio, TX

What are real estate professionals saying?

“I love the Housing Trends eNewsletter because it set’s me apart as an area expert and keeps me top of mind with my clients. It’s always a good think when your clients reply with request for more information or ask you to add their friends to my distribution list. It’s easy and saves me a lot of marketing time & money. I absolutely love it!”
Karla Mina, Coldwell Banker, IL

“Housing Trends eNewsletter is a great publication that offers all types of information on the real estate market for both agents and their clients. I post it to my Facebook page every month and have added the link to my website. The more educated the buyers and sellers are about the dynamics of the market, the smoother the transaction.”
Liz Anderson, Weichert Realtors Advantage, MN

“I’m so excited about the Housing Trends eNewsletter. This is exactly what our consumers are looking for in a newsletter, clean, neat and a wealth of information. As a Professional Luxury Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams LA Harbor, Luxury Homes division, I am so fortunate to able to forward all of this valuable and never ending information to my clients. It’s so user-friendly that each month you look forward to receiving it.”
The Smart Team, Keller Williams Realty, The Smart Team, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“This is the coolest marketing tool!
Kathie Erickson, Ebby Halliday Realtors, TX

“I use Housing Trends eNewsletter as part of my lead generation. I’m often contacted through REALTOR.com with first time home buyer questions. Housing Trends eNewsletter makes it easy for me to send message links specifically targeting these warm leads with information that is useful the home buyers. Most people are currently renting but plan to buy within six months. I can set up links about building your credit score, current mortgage interest rates or tax advantages to owning a home. It’s like the old saying goes…’A little bit of knowledge is a good thing; a lot of knowledge is powerful!’”
Lori Gunn, Coldwell Banker-Vanguard Realty, FL
“I like Housing Trends eNewsletter because it keeps me in front of my clients. It provides valuable information to them. It also sends a message and reminder to them that I want to be their Realtor of choice.”
Michelle L. Mayo, Prudential Connecticut Realty, CT
“It is obvious the dedication, time and research you invest in creating the Housing Trends eNewsletter. It is mingled with graphics, video and relevant content. Your eNewsletter proves to be interesting and valuable to my clients as well as me.”
Barry Clemmer, Century 21 Maselle & Associates, MS

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